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Period management changes

Nov. 18, 2021, 11:57 p.m. - posted by Wojtek

Tonight's update (v1.2941.0) mostly brings internal changes, which should not be visible to users. They will help us later to extend support for more flexible layouts. Even today CT Grid periods/products layout is very versatile, with its arbitrary periods, multiple product rows, and easily selectable columns. Yet sometimes layouts requested by users stretch CT Grid limits, so we are keen to make our product more future-proof.

One outcome of the internal changes is visible to users, though. In CT Grid you cannot have the same period twice in the layout. If you tried to add an already existing period using the Manage Periods window, an error was displayed. With our flexibility, including features like optional spread columns, sometimes it was hard to locate the duplicated period. In the new version any duplicated periods are removed automatically. This is not a significant improvement, but it should make our users' life a little bit easier.

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