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New release with layout improvements

March 14, 2022, 4:33 p.m. - posted by Wojtek

Over the past few days we were gradually upgrading our system. Now all the changes are ready to use! The most visible change is the new way of managing columns in the CT Grid layout. We took our current flexible layout system, extended it even further, and made it more generic.

Columns may now show custom spreads, can be reordered freely, can have custom titles, and be divided into groups with separators. Basically every aspect of a column in the layout is now fully customisable. This new functionality combined with our existing support for multiple product rows and arbitrary periods/spreads allow for unique flexibility. There is virtually no limit with the custom arrangement of your CT Grid screen.

As always, we included some smaller tweaks in the release to make our users' life easier. Fractional quantities are now supported, and the vertical tabs on the left side of the screen can now be scrolled if there are too many of them.

This release also features some bugfixes. The most important one addresses the issue we encountered last week, when the system was unresponsive for a few minutes. We identified the root cause of the problem: one of the system components didn't scale and became a performance bottleneck when hit by the increased volatility seen over the last couple of weeks. We fixed this by parallelising this component,  so that it can utilize multiple cores and scale up as needed to handle the system load.

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